R&D and Quality Director at Preciflex SA2013-
Development Engineer and Project Leader at Helbing Technik Bern AG, Medical devices Team2008-20013
Researcher and Assistant at the Advanced Photonics Laboratory (EPFL) 2003-2007
One Year civil service in Basel in a house for Drugs addict people (Haus Elim)  2002-2003
Creation of Web Sites for the Protestant Church2001-2006
Assistant at the Microcontroller course2001
Two practical training’s in the computer science laboratory of the EPFL , domain: microcontroller; Achievement of assemblers for varied processors1999/2000
Practical training (one month) at the Ecole des métiers of Lausanne (ETML) on machines 1999
Two month job in the company Dubois-Dépraz (Le Lieu): watch assembly1997
PhD Thesis on Multiple optical trapping for biological applications (Laser tweezers group) 2003-2007
Modeling and control of an orthesis for rehabilitation of paraplegic; biomechanical studies, human movements simulation (diploma work) 2002
Electrical muscles stimulation system for the mentioned orthesis: creation of a program for microcontroller and PC program for command (semester work)  2001

PhD Thesis at  the Institute for Applied Optics (EPFL), Lausanne 2003-2007
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne
  Section Microengineering
  Orientation: Production techniques
  Prize: Hilti Mechatronic    1997-2002
Third years done at the Technische Universität Darmstadt (D) as Erasmus student  1999-2000
Gymnase de la Cité (Lausanne): Federal maturity (University entrance) - 1997
  Section XB (Latin - English - Mathematics)
  Prizes : Latin and antique culture, Physics, Sport  

French :   mother language
German :   spoken and written fluently (two years spent in Germany and Basel)
English : spoken and written level « First », redaction language of the thesis
Swiss German:  oral comprehension
Spanish :  oral knowledge

Very Good knowledge of MS Windows and software: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, 
Knowledge of UNIX/LINUX operating systems. Windows SBS, Adobe Premiere and Illustrator, MS Project, Adobe Photoshop
CAD and Engineering: Pro-Enginee, Solidworks, I-DEAS, Comsol, Mathcad, Smath
Programming in C, assembler, Matlab, LaTeX, PHP, HTML and web design
Basic Knowledges of Labview,  L-Edit, MS Access, Flash

Project Mangement (Next level)
Accounting and financial management course
Formation of leader for catechumen (JACK)
Certificate of instructor for young people in ski hiking (J+S)

Climbing and mountain: member of the Swiss alpine club (CAS)
Sport: alpine ski, cross-country ski, ski hiking, biking, member of the gymnastic society (FSG)
Former Trumpeter at the symphonic “Orchestre de Ribeaupierre”, Alphorn player 

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Optical Trapping in High Gradient Interference Fringes. Solid State and Photonics Lab. Stanford University
Beam shaping for large assemblies of optical traps. Munich 2005